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Our mission is to advocate the principles of Pure Land Study and to provide a good learning environment for all students who aspire to practice Pure Land Buddhism.


The Amitabha Buddhist Society of Oregon is a non-profit corporation established with the primary purpose of introducing the fundamental concept of Buddhism as an education to society. The goal of such education is to guide people to fulfill our filial duty, be respectful to our teachers, cherish our traditional values, and to promote multicultural understanding between different religious and ethnic groups.

The corporation will conduct weekly group meditations, Dharma lectures, Dharma group discussions, as well as host retreat programs and supply free Dharma materials. All services shall be free of charge and open to the public.

Operation of the corporation shall follow the Buddha's guidance to deliver his teachings to anyone who has needs or is interested in Buddhism, without discrimination or conditions. We hope everyone who practices according to the teachings will benefit spiritually and physically, and will prosper in whatever they are doing. Only then can there be harmony among people, and world peace.

All funds shall be devoted to said purposes.

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